IRVINE, Calif., June 23, 2022 – Immerse, the leading education metaverse platform, has partnered with Meta to launch the first educational virtual world on Meta’s app store. 

Meta Quest VR app store webpage with images of different apps
Immerse featured in the Spotlight section of the official Meta VR App Store

What is Immerse?

Immerse is pioneering the best way for people to become fluent in a new language. Unlike 2D phone apps or pre-recorded VR simulations, Immerse doesn’t force you to memorize pre-written scripts. Instead, Immerse invites its members to a virtual world where they can put their foreign language knowledge into practice supported by a community of expert educators and fellow learners.

Immerse members can now access the excitement and effectiveness of language immersion in Spanish, French, and English from the comfort of their living room using VR - all part of Immerse’s mission to eliminate barriers to human connection. 

Practice describing people in live VR with Immerse

Now, language enthusiasts and globetrotters alike can sign up for an Immerse membership where they can schedule live Spanish, French, or English classes, enjoy live peer-to-peer conversation practice and participate in community events, even play language games and practice with AI-powered conversation partners - all from the comfort of their own home. There’s no easier way to learn a language!

Over the past four years, the Immerse team has partnered with major education brands to bring VR into the traditional classroom. Simultaneously, Immerse partnered with over 20 of the top research universities in North America, Europe, and Japan to prove the efficacy of learning in virtual reality. Over the course of that time, the Immerse team designed and battle-tested a pedagogy for teaching and learning in virtual reality with over 5,000 learners. This on-the-ground development experience, coupled with the rise of the metaverse, has positioned Immerse to pioneer the next era of learning. 

Immerse membership

Immerse memberships are a tremendous value for anyone serious about learning to speak Spanish, French or English.

Membership provides unlimited access to: 

  • Live, VR Spanish, English, and French classes taught by friendly, experienced teachers in over 30 highly interactive virtual scenes
  • Live events, guided by our expert teachers, where you and your fellow Immerse members can practice putting your speaking skills to use in various scenarios
  • Special events to build new community and cultural insights
  • Real-time feedback to accelerate fluency growth 
  • AI-powered conversation scenarios to help you practice your conversation skills at any time, day or night
  • 24/7 access to the The Commons, your social lounge for playing games and hanging out with other Immerse members
  • And a lot more
A VR Spanish lesson in Immerse

For the last decade, educational VR companies have been seen as a supplemental tool and add-on to the traditional classroom.

But in this new era of the Web3, Immerse is building a platform that reimagines how the metaverse will become the one-stop shop for education.

Immerse has three goals for their educational metaverse platform:

1) develop the best practices for immersive teaching and learning

2) build a thriving virtual world community that will one day rival the likes of Rec Room, Roblox, and VRChat, and

3) usher in the next evolution of learning in Web3. 

The Immerse team celebrating in the Immerse Social Lounge moments before launch

Quinn Taber, Founder and CEO of Immerse comments:

“After Facebook rebranded to Meta it became clear that the metaverse was going to fundamentally change how people work, play, and learn. The time had come for virtual reality and the metaverse to no longer be thought of as a small add-on to the classroom, but instead for platforms to go direct-to-consumer and disrupt schools head-on. So our team began meeting with Meta’s teams, as well as with top social impact investors, to design a new virtual world built explicitly for a community of learners. We are now on a mission to build the first thriving metaverse community that learns, teaches, and builds together…with VR language teaching and learning being our starting place.”

Immerse is now available for Quest headsets at the Meta VR App Store or for desktop through the Immerse website.

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