Immerse insights:

  • The Immerse Commons is a place to play games, connect with other learners, and build your vocabulary.
  • Play keeps the learning experience fun and active, and it builds confidence too.
  • Language games help you learn quicker, remember longer, and understand more.

The Commons

Immerse has a shared space for each language. There’s a Spanish Commons, a French Commons, and an English Commons, and each is a place for playing games, connecting with your fellow learners, and building your vocabulary in that language. 

Two VR avatars playing Spanish Pictionary

Are you a polyglot who wants to visit every Commons in Immerse? No problem - you can change your language setting any time from the "You" menu in your Homeroom, and when you enter the Commons it will be the right one for your language setting.

Learning Games

Whether you’re aiming to speak Spanish, French, or English, our games will help you reach your language goals.

a group of avatars is shooting arrows at targets with Spanish vocabulary words below them

Inside the Commons, you’ll find games like whack-a-word, pictionary, and more - and we’re always adding new games and features.

Our games are perfect for making new friends, and many can be played solo too.

an avatar hits a vocabulary whack-a-mole game with a wooden mallet

Why We Include Learning Games 

At Immerse, fun is always front and center. We know research shows that playfulness boosts language learning.

several avatars shooting hoops with a beach ball on an indoor basketball court

Learning needs to be fun and learners need to be active. 

Having access to our games 24/7 allows you to practice and experiment with the language you are learning in your Immerse classes and beyond.

We know that repetition and reinforcement of target language concepts helps increase your fluency and ability to use language freely. This hands-on approach of practicing while doing is just another powerful tool on your learning journey.

A banner that says Immerse: Start your free 14-day trial today and shows a thumbs up in front of a shelf filled with books, flags, a globe, and a Quest 3 VR headset