Practice Makes Perfect - And It's Fun!

‍Practice Makes Perfect - And It’s Fun!

Immerse insights:

  • Immerse's latest practice feature, AI-powered avatar conversation partners, is a great learning tool - and it’s a lot of fun!
  • The AI Avatars are good for solo or group practice, and they’re available 24/7.
  • Our AI Avatars adapt to your level and can help you practice whatever language skills you’re currently working on.

What Is AI-Powered Practice?

Immerse’s latest feature is conversation practice with AI Avatars. By selecting the Practice feature in your homeroom, you can visit different scenes with AI avatars that will hold conversations with you. 

When you engage with an Immerse AI Avatar, you’ll receive a prompt to get you started on a short conversation. The avatar will tailor their response to your language level and go whatever direction you lead the conversation. 

These avatars are not following scripts - they’re AI-powered, so each conversation is completely unique. Follow the suggestions we provide, or take the conversation in a new direction! 

Best of all, the avatars are available 24/7, so any time is a good time to practice.

How Can the AI Avatars Help You?

AI can’t replace our excellent live language instruction, but the AI Avatars are a fabulous (and fun) practice tool. Here are some ways you can use them to boost your learning:

Build confidence  

  • Still feeling shy talking in front of others? Pop into a Practice scene by yourself and follow the prompts to start a conversation with an AI Avatar. You’ll get to practice speaking without the social pressure you might feel talking to a real person. 
  • Struggling for words? The screen by the AI Avatar has a hint button that will suggest sentences to use if you draw a blank. And you can even reset the conversation if you want a do-over!

Review what you’ve been learning

  • Your AI Avatar partners aren’t following a scripted conversation - they can practice anything. 
  • Recently took a class on giving advice? Ask an AI Avatar how to get into shape, what to wear to the office party, or anything else you might find interesting to talk about. Want to practice using the past tense? Tell the avatar about the day you met your best friend or the worst meal you ever cooked.

Learn new words

  • Whether you use the suggested conversation prompts or strike up a conversation on a topic of your own, you’re bound to hear new words or phrases. You can even directly ask the avatar how to say something in Spanish, French, or English.
  • There’s a window where the AI Avatar’s spoken responses will appear as text too, and clicking on any word will provide a translation and example sentences. There’s even a button at the top of the text window you can use to add new words to My Notes!

And don’t forget - you can also practice with AI Avatars in groups! Create a private invitation for a friend, or enter a public scene where other Immerse members can join.

Practice: A Piece of the Language-Learning Puzzle

Successful polyglots know you have to use a variety of tools to learn a language. In addition to offering live classes, events, and learning games, Immerse has tapped into the growing abilities of AI to provide you with practice opportunities where you set the pace, choose the topic, and decide whether to work alone or as a team.

Take advantage of all of Immerse’s features for a comprehensive language learning experience that will have you speaking Spanish, French, or English with confidence.

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