Immerse insights:

  • The new Learning Journey features help you understand the building blocks of language mastery and visualize your progress.
  • Everything you do in Immerse works to build your French, English, or Spanish communication skills - now you’ll be able to see how each lesson, event, and AI practice session contributes to the big picture.
  • Earn points and unlock stamps as you progress through each fluency level.

Immerse is excited to introduce our new Learning Journey, unveiled October 10, 2023. Our talented development team spent months researching, planning, and creating an interactive visual that illustrates how each component of Immerse contributes to language mastery and which ones you have yet to explore. 

A wheel divided into 9 pie pieces, with each pie piece labeled with a language function such as Giving Facts or Socializing

You now have a visual representation of the skills you’ve learned so you can watch your language knowledge grow and plan what to tackle next.

What is the Learning Journey?

The Learning Journey is a tool designed to show the building blocks of language proficiency, help you see how far you’ve already come and decide what to learn next, and reward you with stamps to commemorate your progress.

What does it mean to know a language?

Your language proficiency comes down to what you can accomplish using the language. 

Do you know how to book an appointment with your doctor? Can you ask for directions to the library? How well can you communicate your feelings about a change of plans?

Immerse lessons are based on teaching you the specific skills necessary to complete tasks like these. 

Our curriculum development team has organized these communication tasks into nine categories:

  • Giving Facts
  • Socializing
  • Life and Living
  • Home and Community
  • Opinions and Ideas
  • Getting Things Done
  • Expressing Feelings
  • Managing Communication
  • Health and Safety

Getting Things Done, for instance, encompasses the language skills needed for negotiating and collaborating on the completion of tasks. Lessons, events, and AI practice sessions in this category help learners develop skills like offering suggestions, making requests, and giving instructions. The Learning Journey helps you chart your progress as you gain skills in all nine categories.

Whether you’re taking Spanish classes, English classes, or French classes with Immerse, you’ll be learning to accomplish these communication tasks.

How can you see your learning progress?

In your Homeroom, you can now see a colorful wheel on the floor. This wheel shows your progress through your current fluency level.

Each pie piece on the wheel aligns with one of the nine building blocks of language mastery, such as Expressing Feelings or Giving Facts.

There’s also a percentage on each pie piece, showing how much progress you’ve made in learning skills within that building block. By clicking on the icon below a percentage, you can see the types of communication skills that fall under that category.

Your percentages are determined by how many points you’ve earned participating in relevant lessons, events, and AI practice sessions at your current level. As you move up to a higher fluency level, you’ll begin to collect points for working on these building blocks at your new level.

How can you earn points and unlock stamps?

Lessons, Events, and AI Practice Tasks now all earn points towards your Learning Journey. A lesson on describing past events, for instance, will earn you points in the Giving Facts category.

Check the language function tag on each learning opportunity to see what points are available for completing it. When you finish it, you will be celebrated with your points upon returning to your Homeroom.

As you complete each of the categories at your current fluency level, you can unlock a stamp to commemorate your progress on your language learning journey. You can see your stamp collection and a progress summary in the “You” menu in your Homeroom.

There’s also a Learning Journey tutorial you can access directly from your Homeroom through the Tutorial menu.

A banner that says Immerse: Start your free 14-day trial today and shows a thumbs up in front of a shelf filled with books, flags, a globe, and a Quest 3 VR headset

How does the Learning Journey help you learn?

The creation of the Learning Journey was a collaboration among the Education, Research, and Product & Engineering departments at Immerse. 

Every aspect has been designed to make learning in Immerse easier, more enjoyable, and more tailored to your personal learning goals.

  • The colorful wheel on your Homeroom floor deepens your understanding of the specific skills needed to become a proficient speaker.
  • The points you receive for completing lessons, events, and AI practice sessions let you track what you’ve already learned. They also help you decide what to focus on next.
  • The stamps remind you how much you’ve already achieved and motivate you to keep up the good work.
  • The percentages will help you know when it’s time to start thinking about moving up a level. You’ll be prompted to take a level assessment once you have earned 80% of the possible points for your current level.

First and foremost, language is a tool for communication. The Learning Journey helps you see what a well-rounded French, Spanish, or English speaker is able to communicate about, while leaving you the autonomy to choose your own personal learning priorities.

Because this is what effective language learning is all about!

If you'd like to take a deeper dive into the learning science behind the Learning Journey, listen to Episode 4 of "Converse on the Verse" podcast, co-hosted by Christina Cavage (Curriculum & Assessment Manager) and Tricia Thrasher (Research Manager):