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¡Viva Immerse!

"Immerse is tried and true an incredible VR app! I initially learned some Spanish on my own as a teenager and then at college as part of my major back in 2016. Sadly I never had many chances to practice and use the language and eventually lost most of my vocabulary. 3 weeks ago I joined Immerse and now I'm able to have fluid conversations again with native Spanish speakers, including my Cuban fiancee's abuela and her primos who do not speak much English or any at all. The unlimited program is well worth it for those who have the time. ¡Gracias Immerse por acercarme a mi nueva familia!"


This is really great for me.

"I became a paid member today. I tried the free lessons and loved them! I am learning so much so quickly. I hope the member base continues to grow and thrive."


Best decision ever.

"Joining Immerse was the best language learning decision I've ever made. I gained basic fluency in Spanish because of my time here and now I'm learning French. I will continue learning new languages as long as they keep adding them too!"


I spoke French in real life!

"This afternoon at a local market, I got to speak French to a young couple who run a local boulangerie. The husband is from France and the wife is local. They were so friendly and we chatted and I did our whole exchange in French. They complimented my French (which was really just them being nice) but I definitely noticed confidence in starting a conversation that I wouldn't have had before Immerse! It was very exciting!"


Thank you Immerse!

"I don't know about anyone else, but sometimes when I'm in a class where I feel totally over my head, I have an instinct to just close out, run away, bury my head in shame, and admonish myself for trying to push myself/slowing down the class/not being good enough for my class mates - and by the end of the class I'm left feeling super proud of myself for sticking it out, awkward pauses and "ummmm's" and all. lol I have to keep reminding myself that this is a place to LEARN, and that mistakes are okay, and I just super appreciate the way all the guide's are so kind and understanding of that. I'm so happy. GRACIASSSS IMMERSE!"


Lo mejor que he probado en mi VIDA

"Llevo 5 años aprendiendo inglés cómo autodidacta, he pasado en todo este tiempo por un sin fin de aplicación y de repente llega esta y cambia mi forma de ver cómo es aprender e interactuar en inglés, la amé desde el primer día. Me gusta mucho las salas se chat y ocio, es tan divertido encontrar personas de todo el mundo que quieres al igual que yo aprender inglés, hablar con ellos conocer su cultura y todo esto mientras practico y mejoro mi dominio del idioma, esto es realmente lo que amo de esta aplicación. Si pudiera devolver el tiempo iniciaría mi aprendizaje de inglés desde cero aquí, ya no lo puedo hacer, pero lo que si puedo hacer es pulirlo y compartir con otros mi experiencia."


Greatest Language Platform EVER!

"This app is beyond immersive, it's what language learning should be. It's fun, and engaging! The instructors are very knowledgeable and the Al engineering in the practice environments are ahead of it's time. Love every time I get into it!! Spanish is so fun to learn here!"


"What sets Immerse apart is its comprehensive approach to language learning. The platform goes beyond traditional classroom setups by offering conversation groups, 24/7 support from artificial intelligence avatars in the absence of real teachers, and a unique game room where users can connect with others for practice. One of the most remarkable features is the availability of classes throughout the day, seven days a week. This flexibility allows enthusiasts to fully immerse themselves in language learning at any time, making it a standout choice for those dedicated to improving their language skills. Immerse's affordability is another noteworthy aspect, providing a genuine immersive school experience at a fraction of the cost. Whether using a virtual reality headset or a computer, the choice is yours. I wholeheartedly give Immerse a 5-star rating and hope to see the addition of more languages in the future. It truly feels like stepping into a real immersive school right from the comfort of your home."


Bye Duolingo

"I've been using duolingo and YouTube for Spanish learning until I discovered immerse. This is by far the best platform that I used so far and I recommended it to several of my friends."


Immersion is key.

"I've been studying French since March 2022. My progress has been great but has been exponential since using Immerse. I don't have many people around me who speak French so having a class with a teacher and other students to converse with has been incredible. I spent about two hours in a virtual bar with someone conversing in French. Amazing application!"


Amazing !!!!!

"This app has given me a lot of confidence and created a seamless connection between the real and virtual worlds. Meeting friends worldwide and appreciating the structured lessons, teachers, and developers."


My Spanish is getting much better!

"The instructors are great. Very respectful of their students. Very patient and helpful with new students. The interaction with fellow students is very fun and helpful in learning new things. The app is easy to use once to catch on. It's enjoyable and fun."

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