Immerse insights:

  • Certain aspects of a language, like intonation and politeness, are essential parts of authentic conversations.
  • Immerse Events offer a special opportunity to engage in spontaneous interactions with other learners - with an instructor right there to support you.
  • Our events take place in realistic virtual settings like a doctors office, a city park, an airport, and more - perfect for role-playing and conversation.


When learners engage in authentic conversations, they develop their listening and speaking skills. This allows them to explore the nuances of pronunciation, intonation, and colloquial expressions with confidence.

These nuances are critical for anyone who wants to achieve fluency and confidence in their new language.

a group of avatars sitting around a fire pit


At these events, Immerse instructors serve as facilitators, welcoming Members in, making sure there’s equal participation, helping you join the conversation, and providing support if you need help thinking of a word.

All of this is done through engaging activities like role-playing going through airport security, cooking a new recipe, or collaborating on planning a party. 

And if you’re generally a shy person, have no fear - research shows that language learners have much less anxiety and more fun when they use avatars


a group of avatars giving thumbs up while enjoying food at a table at a fast-food restauranta

Because the events are held in the types of settings where these activities would normally take place, there are no awkward attempts at roleplaying with someone on a Zoom screen. You’re now standing across from the doctor in a clinic, asking another gym member for tips on using the equipment, or hanging out with your friends at a burger place. 

This takes conversation practice to a whole new level. No other VR French, Spanish, or English app offers live, synchronous practice in authentic, interactive settings.

Authentic conversations lead to genuine connections.

So jump in. Start Speaking. Have fun! 🚀 

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