We think Immerse is great, but we wanted to know what our members value most about their Immerse experience. In this post, you'll read about Melanie’s experience. We hope this story will motivate you to take the plunge and become a Member so that you too can be part of this thriving community and become fluent in Spanish, French, or English.

Melanie May

Why are you learning Spanish?

'I have always been fascinated with language and cultures but there is something that almost strikes my soul with the Spanish language, especially in Latin America. It has been a goal of mine since childhood and I started the journey in high school but I didn’t stick with it because, at that time, there was not much of a Spanish speaking community in my town. My life took me places where it would have been very useful. I lived in Los Angeles for 13 years but I still never really caught on. Finally, a year ago I decided that it was now or never.'

What was your impression of the very first lesson you took in Immerse?

'My first impression of Immerse was that I had finally found a solution that was going to work for me. I had been studying consistently for about 9 months when I found the app. I was very specifically looking for something to help me turn those words into conversations. I was really lacking in my ability to speak. During my first class, I was nervous about making mistakes and I kept a little quiet. However, I quickly realized that I would never advance without jumping in and trying.'

What do you value most about Immerse?

'I value the experience that I get from the guides and the community. All of the members are on the same journey. We may each have different reasons and goals for our journeys, but ultimately, we all want the same thing. I have been able to make some great friends and colleagues in the app. In fact, some of us have recently started a discussion group that we hold in The Commons where we discuss a predetermined Spanish language podcast. It is like a book club but for podcasts and we discuss right in the app. It is an invaluable experience.'

How has your Spanish improved since you joined Immerse?

'My Spanish has improved tremendously. In fact, I feel like I have recently turned a new corner. When I first started, I stumbled over words and had trouble stringing my thoughts together into a coherent sentence. Now, I feel confident in carrying a conversation. I used to get a little nervous before speaking but it just sort of flows out naturally now. I still need to ask for help with some vocabulary and more complex structures, but I feel so confident in where I am and where I am going.'

What's your favorite tool/place inside Immerse?

'Picking a favorite scene in Immerse is difficult. There are definitely scenes that I enjoy more than others but they are all so meaningful and serve specific purposes. I like that there are different spaces with items that are unique to that area. Interacting with the objects really seems to help with my language permanence. We can talk about objects all day long but I tend to draw a stronger connection when I am holding or viewing the object while we talk about it.'

How do you use Immerse to develop fluency?

'I leverage Immerse for all that it is. I speak with the guides and other students in the classes, in The Commons, and on Discord. I really enjoy taking the same classes multiple times with different guides. I feel like each guide brings something unique to the table. It also helps me with understanding people from various parts of the world. There are many different ways to convey the same idea and I like having those options. Some countries use words completely different and it is good to understand as much of that as possible. What is socially acceptable in one place may have a totally different meaning somewhere else.'

What tips do you have for new Immerse Members?

'My advice to new users is to jump right in. Don’t be afraid to speak up and try. I have learned to embrace my errors because they lead to greater wins. Also, don’t be afraid to try speaking with the accent. This can feel very intimidating at first, but I promise it will always sound better and more natural. My husband is Mexican and he used to laugh at how I pronounced many simple words (especially piñata). Although the alphabets are similar between English and Spanish, the sounds can be much different.'

When not using Immerse, how else do you practice Spanish?

'I spend a lot of time repeating myself in the "real world." I try to say everything in Spanish followed by English. Secretly, I’m hoping that when I do that, the rest of my family will start to pick up some phrases. I’m not sure if that is actually happening, though. Using the Spanish language in my everyday life, even if I’m just saying these things to myself, helps me to uncover new vocabulary and more fluidity in my conversations. Additionally, when I watch television, I turn on the Spanish subtitles. I can read the language much better than I can speak it. I use Spanish subtitles regardless of whether I’m watching an English language program or a Spanish language program.'

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