• While most language apps teach you vocabulary and some grammar, they don’t teach you how to speak the language.
  • Immerse focuses on teaching you to use the language, giving you plenty of practice using new vocabulary and grammar to communicate with real people in authentic scenarios.
  • One of the greatest things about Immerse is the Guides, experienced language teachers who answer your questions and keep language learning fun and personal.

We love hearing what our members think about Immerse. Avid language learner Andy Lakin told us how amazed he has been with his experience learning Spanish in Immerse and why he thinks it’s the best language learning app out there.

If Andy’s experience encourages you to try Immerse, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial for unlimited access to Immerse’s live classes, conversation events, AI practice scenes, and common areas. Become part of our community and learn to speak Spanish, French, or English!

Selfie of a smiling white male with a Quest VR headset pushed up on his head
Andy Lakin - Immerse Member

Would you consider yourself an active part of the Immerse community? 

Yes! Very! I'm a bit obsessed haha. I have been learning languages from beginning level for around 20 years so I've seen it all. I now use around 10 apps but this app has blown my mind. Hence why I try to be involved in the community.

Tell us about a time when you really connected with another person because of Immerse.

So I'm not sure if he'll get the chance to read this! But at the end of Immerse lessons, you get 10 minutes to practice amongst yourselves, and I made friends with a guy called Ash. We were both from England and ended up hitting it off. We would meet in the Commons sometimes or message each other using Meta. 

There's also a few regulars I come across in class. One of them being Chris who was one of the few US guys who knew what a Scouser is as he had a friend from here haha.

Avatars playing Spanish Pictionary on a whiteboard in the Immerse Commons
   The Commons is a great place to hang out with other language learners in Immerse.

What other methods have you used to study languages?

I'm an avid language learner. I have used many apps and continue to do so. One of the ones I also use is Duolingo. I think this is the secondary app to Immerse, because Duolingo will not help you speak. You will learn some phrases and keywords so it's only really good for reading comprehension and learning words. 

I then take those words and phrases to Immerse and practice with my guide(teacher)/friends/fellow students. Conversation events are great for using new words too. But overall you'll learn more complete sentences and gain an understanding of their functionality through Immerse.

What drew you to try Immerse in the first place?

It was the interactive nature and the novelty of 3D immersive learning which attracted me. I was also intrigued by the AI conversations (which are a Godsend by the way). It just seemed like a new method I hadn't tried before.

At first I was hesitant, because it was way above anything else I was paying for. But when I saw the free trial I didn't hesitate. I borrowed my friend's headset and began learning.

A virtual doctor's office scene with an AI avatar receptionist with a speech bubble above her head
You can also hone your communication skills with AI practice partners in Immerse

When did you first realize that learning a language in Immerse was working for you?

It's always a gradual process and you should run a mile from an app or course that says "fluency in 2 months". I gradually progressed but my ah-ha moment was when I could order absolutely any drink, such as coffee, tea, beer, coke, alcohol, etc. I could ask for dark or light beer (the AI gave me a choice of beer and I clicked dark and light on the AI's reply and added them to new words on my virtual pad). I could also ask for milk, sugar, sweeteners and cinnamon, as well as iced or hot tea. 

I got there in about 2-3 months using the Resort AI coffee shop and attending the lessons in the cafe but I practised every day. Around 5-10 minutes in AI and 35 minutes in class (now 40 minutes).

Tell us about your favorite moment in an Immerse class, event, or practice scene.

I used to be a complete beginner, so my favorite moment was when I was able to string a coherent sentence together that was understood. I said "I like to have beer for breakfast" and Morgan, the guide, laughed and said "it's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?" It was a funny moment and one of my favorites. 

A virtual living room/kitchen area with several avatars performing kitchen tasks and sticking items like bottles and steaks to a whiteboarde
In Immerse classes, learning is active and focused on communication.

What language are you learning in Immerse and what is your motivation for learning it?

So it's important to say here I'm a linguist learning 9 languages so I'm definitely motivated, but I'm also an advanced beginner in Spanish. However, when I came to Immerse, I knew a handful of words. Between 5-10 altogether. 

In 6 months I began teaching basic Spanish to children so it shows what Immerse can do if you're motivated. Motivation can be gauged by whether or not you get excited when you think of learning the language.

Have you been able to transfer any of your language skills to situations outside of Immerse?

So I had a video call with my friend from Venezuela (now in Colombia) and he played the part of a waiter, asking if I would like a table, if I had a reservation, etc. 

I did all of that and was able to order food by drawing from the restaurant classes we had done in Immerse as we had had a role play where we all played the waiter and ordered from each other.

A virtual restaurant scene with a hand in the foreground; on the hand is a screen that says Class Notes and lists Spanish words and phrases such as Me gustaria un sandwich/bocadillo/torta y una manzana - I would like a sandwich and an apple.
Immerse’s teachers and tools support you during role plays.

What would you say is Immerse’s greatest strength?

Interaction and novelty. A 3D immersive environment is so fun. Our guide Morgan once showed us how to use post-it notes to stand on and fly into the sky! She tasked us with getting a frisbee off the roof that she has thrown up there haha. 

It's just so much better than sitting and writing or entering the same combination of words on a 2D screen.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with Immerse?

Virtual snapshot of an avatar wearing a squid hat, diamond earrings, and heart shaped sunglasses and waving from a dock on a tropical beach
   Immerse teachers are a fun bunch of people.

The teachers (known as Guides) are awesome! They're very fun and also very good at teaching the material and will answer any questions you have. Sometimes, if you are the only person to enter a lesson, you will have a one-to-one lessons and you can really get to know your guide. I've done this a few times. But they are great fun!

A banner that says Immerse Start your free 14-day trial today and shows a thumbs up in front of a shelf filled with books, flags, a globe, and a Quest 3 VR headset