Immerse insights:

  • The Immerse team had a blast at SXSW in Austin this year demonstrating the innovative ways we use AI and VR to improve language learning.
  • At Meta’s Education & Innovation Event, Immerse blew people’s minds with the VR/AI combo of our AI practice scene feature.
  • Immerse also demoed the feature for SeedAI’s Hack the Future Event, a collaborative event for people who will responsibly set the path of AI for the future.

The Immerse team had a blast at SXSW in Austin March 4-7 this year! We were selected as a featured partner for Meta’s Education & Innovation Event and for SeedAI’s Hack the Future Event, where we demonstrated our AI conversation practice feature to educators, innovators, and policymakers and put smiles on a lot of faces. 

Meta Education and Innovation Event

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At Meta’s Education and Innovation Event, Immerse Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer Christian Rowe and Senior Content Marketer Jake Repko demonstrated our AI conversation practice feature to a crowd of educators, policy managers, learners, entrepreneurs, edtech innovators, and Meta leaders passionate about using VR to improve learning outcomes.

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Rowe says he had the time of his life. “The medium of VR has such a unique, powerful way of reducing learner anxiety and imposter syndrome which frees us up to do the good, hard, and rewarding work of achieving better learning outcomes with confidence. It was so fun watching people go from ‘OMG I have to actually speak out loud’ nervous to ‘OMG this is the coolest use case for VR I've ever experienced’ after practicing speaking in Spanish and French with our AI-powered conversation partners (a feature that supplements our daily instructor-led group language classes).”

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SeedAI’s SXSW Hack the Future Event

SeedAI believes that responsibly harnessing the power of AI requires frameworks and environments for co-creating, evaluating, and making active decisions regarding artificial intelligence and the policies governing it.

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At its Hack the Future event at SXSW, SeedAI brought together policymakers, key players in the tech industry, creators, and the AI workforce of tomorrow for a full day of panel discussions, demos, and more. Immerse Head of Education Dr. Misty Wilson joined Jake Repko to show how we are using AI to make personalized language speaking practice fun, accessible, and educational.

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Curious to know more about Immerse?

Immerse is a language learning platform where you can learn to speak Spanish, French, and English through live lessons, conversation events, language games, and AI conversation practice in over 40 highly immersive, interactive scenes. Access Immerse through a Quest VR headset or through an Internet browser on your computer and finally learn to speak a language fluently.

We also work with schools and businesses to provide lessons and authentic practice that help students and employees build confidence and fluency. Inquiries can be directed to Christian Rowe at

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