The Importance of Workplace English Language Training

Companies that invest in effective English language training programs are investing in their own future. Research has shown that employees who feel confident in their English fluency collaborate more effectively, communicate better within the workplace and with customers, remain at their jobs longer, and engage in more creative problem solving.  By raising English proficiency levels among second language speakers, organizations will not only improve productivity but also maximize the potential of employees who are struggling to work effectively in English.

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Indeed, a recent 2023 study by EnGen surveying 6000+ employees who received English language training through their employer found that:

  • 95% of employees improved their confidence in using English
  • 93% saved time at work as a result of improved language skills
  • 92% improved their language proficiency
  • 87% achieved a career goal (e.g., a pay raise or promotion), ultimately making them more competitive in the workforce. 

With English speaking skills  becoming increasingly important for employee and business success, many companies have started looking into ways to upskill their workers. However, it’s critical that organizations partner with language companies who can provide their employees with speaking practice and not simply vocabulary and grammar learning opportunities. 

How Immerse Partners with Companies

Immerse is a one-of-a-kind language platform that offers immersion with live teachers in authentic virtual settings so learners can quickly gain the skills they need to use English, Spanish, or French for real communication.

Immerse was developed according to the research on best language training practices in order to avoid the problem with so many other apps, where learners study a language but never end up being able to use it with confidence or speak it fluently.

Immerse’s platform, pedagogical framework, and teaching methodology were carefully co-designed to teach language in a way that gives learners the ability to actually communicate in the real world. By developing employees’ speaking skills in context, we can help them build and transfer the language skills they need to their workplace. 

Here’s how we overcame language barriers with Microsoft in Korea:

Immerse and Microsoft Korea

Microsoft is a well-known multinational technology employing over 180,000 individuals globally. Given the international nature of the company, they have designated English as the primary language of office communication. This means that employees with limited English skills will inevitably have difficulties  in using English at work. 

Employees at Microsoft Korea were experiencing challenges in using English at work. This was further exacerbated by limited opportunities to practice English outside the office and high levels of foreign language anxiety. 

This is where Immerse stepped in. Research done by Immerse Research Partners has consistently shown that learning in our virtual world where students can be represented by avatars both significantly reduces foreign language anxiety and improves speaking confidence. This makes Immerse an ideal learning solution for English training for this specific population of employees. 

Program Overview

For this program, Microsoft selected employees working out of their headquarters in South Korea to participate in a 16-week English language training course on Immerse. All employees received a VR headset for the duration of the program. 

The overall objective of the 16-week program was to reduce employees’ foreign language anxiety and increase their confidence in using English at work and in other aspects of their lives. To achieve this goal, Immerse created a custom course with lessons that focused on developing employee confidence in various real-life contexts (e.g., a meeting room, a restaurant, etc.). This course was taught by one of Immerse’s many qualified language instructors. 

Each week, employees were given the opportunity to attend a 1-hour lesson in Immerse. At the end of the entire 16-week program, they completed a survey that elicited feedback on their learning experience and how they felt that Immerse’s English language training impacted their confidence and anxiety.


The data revealed that employees largely benefited from the program. Specifically:

  • 100% of participants enjoyed being able to learn English in various, realistic environments.
  • 86% stated that the program had a positive impact on their confidence in using English at work and in their daily lives. 
  • 85% said they would like to continue their English language training through VR. 
  • 71% indicated that they had a positive experience learning in Immerse.

Some employees chose to elaborate on their experience, citing the benefits of learning in an immersive context through an avatar: 

“I felt like I was using English directly in the virtual world. I liked this a lot.” - Microsoft Korea Employee
“When I joined the VR English training, I could speak up more confidently as I was another character which is different from what I am in real life.” - Microsoft Korea Employee 
“I could choose the character I want. Also, I love the various types of environments I could attend.” - Microsoft Korea Employee 

Access the full report on this collaboration here

Interested in Providing Language Training to your Employees?

Thanks to Immerse’s Bridge the Conversation Gap partnership program, employers can offer their employees language training through Immerse at a bulk discount. 

Once enrolled, employees will have access to everything Immerse has to offer:

  • Live, synchronous small-group classes taught by real educators
  • Live, synchronous conversation events also taught by real educators
  • 24/7 AI-powered avatar practices
  • 24/7 language games
  • Learning Journey tracker

You can learn more about the program and fill out an interest form here

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