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We can help your learners develop real-world speaking fluency through language immersion learning in our virtual world.

Why use Immerse?

Immerse’s offerings fall into four categories: Learn, Connect, Practice, Play.
Each component plays a unique, yet complementary role in the overall learning plan for our members.


Immerse offers 35-minute small-group synchronous classes led by qualified and experienced language educators. Each lesson is held in one of Immerse’s 40+ virtual environments with the goal of helping learners to master or accomplish a single communicative task, within one of our nine broad language functions. The last 10 minutes of each lesson allows learners to continue engaging in a productive task without the instructor present. 

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Immerse LEARN


Connect Sessions are informal, but structured synchronous sessions led by qualified and experienced instructors. They are designed to help learners connect what they learn in lessons to new authentic contexts through prepared activities and conversation topics linked to one of the nine broad language functions. 


Immerse offers interactive and tailored practice opportunities that can be accessed by learners on their own or with peers 24/7. These opportunities allow learners to explore everyday vocabulary using an object scanner as well as practice speaking with AI-powered avatars to build and self-assess their communicative skills.

Immerse PLAY


Our Play scene is a public space for learners to meet others on the same language journey as themselves while playing fun language games that reinforce vocabulary development.

Meet the Experts

Meet the minds who put education in EdTech at Immerse

Tricia ThrasherTricia Thrasher

Tricia Thrasher

Director of Research

Tricia Thrasher, PhD has spent the past 10 years teaching and researching language learning, serving as a French and English language instructor, teacher trainer, program coordinator, and research manager. She has conducted several award-winning studies examining the efficacy of VR for language learning. Tricia now uses her expertise at Immerse, the first VR platform designed specifically for live language teaching and learning, where she works as Research Manager.

Misty WilsonMisty Wilson

Misty Wilson

Chief Learning Officer

Misty Wilson, Ed.D has spent nearly 20 years in the language education industry, serving as an English language instructor, administrator, teacher trainer, research manager, CEA accreditation site reviewer, and language assessment consultant. An early adopter of immersive technologies, Misty now uses her expertise at Immerse, a virtual reality language learning platform where she serves as Head of Education and Customer Support.

Christina CavageChristina Cavage

Christina Cavage

Director of Curriculum and Teaching Excellence

Christina Cavage, in her 30+ years in the field, has served as a Director, Department Chairperson and Curriculum and Assessment Manager. She has trained teachers across the globe in leveraging digital technologies to enhance and extend learning. She has authored over two dozen ELT textbooks, in addition to dozens of digital tools. Ms. Cavage is a regular presenter at local to international TESOL conferences. Additionally, she serves as a Department of State Specialist.

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