Immerse insights:

  • There are lots of options out there nowadays for anyone who wants to learn Spanish, English, or French - you can figure out which one is the best value by balancing the price with what you get in return.
  • Look for a learning option that will motivate you to stick with it and will get you using the language to communicate right from the start.
  • Immerse is a tremendous value because you get unlimited access to live classes, conversation events, AI practice, and games for far less than the cost of regular tutoring sessions or classes at a language school.

Nowadays, the options for anyone wanting to learn a language are seemingly endless: evening classes, online tutoring, mobile apps, youtube videos, and many more.

With so many language learning options out there, how do you know which one is the best deal?

How to choose the right language-learning option

When you’re choosing a means of learning a language, there are really only three things you need to ask yourself:

  • How quickly can I learn with this?
  • How well will I learn with this?
  • How much is this going to cost me?

The overall value of a language class, app, travel opportunity, tutor, or other option comes down to the balance between what you pay and what you get in return.

Free apps obviously come at a great price, but can you really reach your language goals by using them? If your goal is to learn to speak the language, the answer is no.

A more effective way to learn to truly speak a language is to spend a year or two living in a place where the language is spoken. For most people, however, the cost of this option is prohibitive.

Ideally, you want to find an option that helps you learn quickly and well, at a price that’s realistic for you.

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A teacher in Immerse

Prices are easy enough to see, but how do you know if you can really learn a language by using a particular option?

Figuring out how quickly you’ll learn the language

On the surface, this is pretty simple. The more time you spend learning, practicing, and using a language, the faster you’ll learn it. In fact, you can find charts that show you the exact number of hours it will take you to learn a particular language.

Does it even matter what language learning option you choose then, if success just comes down to the number of hours you spend learning? 

Actually, yes.

If your goal is to learn a language quickly, then you need to choose a learning option that will keep you motivated and get you using the language right away.

Motivation is essential because without it, you’re likely to give up before you reach your goal. It’s amazing how many people give up learning a language after a few months or even a few weeks.

When you’re deciding which learning option to use, make sure it’s one that will hold your interest. You need something that is fun and interesting, and you also need variety - any type of activity gets dull eventually. 

Try to find an option that will let you learn and practice in as many different ways as possible. This will help you keep at it and motivate you to invest more hours sooner.

And while you’re at it, look for a means of learning that offers unlimited use for a monthly price. You’re going to spend a lot of hours learning, and the cost will really start to add up if you pay by the hour instead of finding an option with unlimited access.

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Games in Immerse

It’s also important to look for an option that teaches you to start using the language right away. It’s true that you need hundreds of hours to go from complete beginner to advanced speaker. But you can start using the language at a basic level pretty much immediately with the right program. 

It may be a long time before you’re discussing politics in your new language, but you should be able to place an order in a restaurant after about an hour of instruction and practice.

Look for a learning option that focuses on communication skills so you can start understanding and using the language right from the start. This will help with motivation too, as you’ll see yourself achieving a little more of your fluency goal each time.

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How to know if you’ll really learn the language 

Language competence is about more than just vocabulary and grammar. Most people who set out to learn a language hope to use it to communicate with other people. 

If you choose a learning option that focuses primarily on vocabulary and sentence structure, you may find that in the end you still can’t actually talk to anyone. Learning to communicate requires using a method that is focused on communication.

Limit your search to learning options that offer lessons based on communicative tasks, like asking for directions or explaining symptoms to a doctor, and that provide plenty of opportunities for spoken interactions. 

The best language learning option for you

In a nutshell, your best chance of success will come from choosing an affordable language learning option that is interesting, provides variety, and won’t make you wait to the end of your learning journey before you can actually start using the language to talk to people.

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Learners in Immerse

We’re pretty sure that you’re going to find Immerse is the best bet.

What makes Immerse such a fantastic value?

It’s unlimited

The pricing is simple. At Immerse, you don’t pay by the hour or by the lesson. Your monthly fee gives you unlimited access - spend as much time learning as you want!

Feel like binging on Spanish, French, or English learning all weekend? Go for it!

With other live learning options like tutoring or classes, spending more time in instruction means paying more. At Immerse, it’s kind of the opposite - the more time you spend with our expert teachers, the more value you’re getting for your money.

Our pricing is simple, too. A single month’s subscription is $35, but you get a discount when you buy several months at once. 

Our most popular bundle is the 6-month subscription, for $24.99 per month. If you spend 10 hours per month learning a language with Immerse at this price, it will work out to $2.49 per hour - for live instruction, conversation events, and AI-powered practice and games. Use Immerse more often and it will work out to even less. 

Oh yeah - and you can try us out for 14 days completely free!

It’s immersive

The whole point of Immerse is to teach you to use the language for communication. We have over 40 scenes - such as doctor’s office, airport, home, campground, and more - where you can learn through guided immersion

It’s focused on communication

Your subscription includes unlimited access to:

  • Live classes - small groups led by friendly and highly experienced teachers using a fun, interactive curriculum designed to get you talking and using the language right from the start 
  • Conversation events - fun role-play scenarios where you can practice using the language with other learners, with an Immerse teacher ready to help out if you forget a word or get stuck
  • AI practice tasks - one-on-one or group practice with ChatGPT-powered AI conversation partners who can chat with you, answer your questions about the language, and teach you new vocabulary
  • Social learning games - a variety of games that can be played alone or with others to build your vocabulary, hone your speaking skills, and just have fun

In order to gain true ability to speak Spanish, English, or French, you’re going to need to do more than just practice translating sentences in an app - but paying a tutor for 600 hours of teaching or taking class after class at a language school is going to cost you a fortune.

In other words, if your goal is really to learn a language, you need Immerse. Try us out for free and see for yourself.

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