Immerse insights:

  • The desktop interface has been redesigned, making interactions easier and more immersive for users of the desktop app
  • Now, Spanish and French learners as well as English learners can take classes and use AI practice scenes at the Advanced level
  • Scenes have been upgraded with new interactive objects and other enhancements

The latest update to the Immerse VR language learning platform is here! Our Product and Education teams have been hard at work behind the scenes on several big changes that will make your Immerse language learning experience even better than ever.

What’s New

Advanced Level for Spanish and French

Check out the Immerse schedule - notice anything new?

We are pleased to be offering Advanced level lessons to our Spanish and French learners now in addition to our English learners. Immerse’s Advanced level is aligned to B1 on the CEFR scale.

A schedule page open to Wednesday the 6th and showing Advanced, Foundations, and Intermediate classes
Now you can take Advanced Spanish and French classes too!

Advanced lessons start on March 5, 2024, so sign up now!

Improved Desktop Controls

You won’t believe how easy it is to learn in the desktop version of the Immerse app now. The changes also allow desktop users to have a more immersive desktop VR experience.

A virtual table full of food items like a burger and pieces of fruit, with a menu below showing O for Drop, Z for Place, and other hot keys
Interacting with objects just got easier on the desktop version

Thanks to the addition of hot keys, onscreen tool tips, and other design improvements, it’s much easier to navigate, use objects, access tools, and see what you’re doing when you choose to learn from your computer.

A 3rd person view of an Immerse avatar and scene, with a row of tools below like a backpack, a camera, and a vocabulary scanner
Access your tools menu with the click of a hot key

The less you have to think about the controls, the more you can focus on listening the Guide, interacting with your fellow learners, and participating in your Spanish, French, or English activities. 

Show how you feel - and see how your avatar appears to everyone else

Visit the Tutorials menu in your desktop Homeroom to learn more about these new features!

Bonus Improvements

As you use Immerse this week, you’ll notice lots of other little enhancements, like extra objects in the Home scene, new visuals in the Zoo scene, and more! How many upgrades can you spot?

Explore the changes in detail:


Our support site has an App Updates page where you can always find details on the latest ways the Immerse team has improved your VR Spanish, French, or English language learning experience. If you don’t find the answers to your questions there, click the chat button in the lower right to be connected with someone who can help!

So jump on in, learn, and connect!

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