October 10, 2023 Update: New Features and Practice Scenes

Immerse insights:

  • The Learning Journey gives you a holistic view of your progress in learning English, Spanish, or French.
  • Self-assessments will help you decide which Immerse level is your best fit.
  • New AI practice scenes, in-app access to language settings, a modularized tutorial, and other improvements will make your interaction with Immerse richer and smoother than ever.

Immerse is making it easier than ever before to take charge of your language learning with the introduction of new features and improvements to old ones.

What’s New

The Learning Journey

The Learning Journey is a tool for visualizing and celebrating the language learning progress you’ve already made and helping you plan where to put your energy next.

Directly accessible from your Homeroom by clicking the “You” button to the left of the mirror, the Learning Journey includes several helpful features.

First, you’ll see a colorful wheel on your Homeroom floor. This wheel is divided into 9 types of communication skills, including categories like Giving Facts and Expressing Feelings.

The wheel’s categories help you in two ways:

  • by helping you see, as a big picture, what it would mean to master your current level of fluency (you can click the icon in each category to see a pop-up list of specific skills, such as asking for information and discussing regular activities)
  • by showing you, in the form of a percentage, how far you have come towards mastering each skill at your current fluency level

Now, every lesson, event, and AI practice session you participate in earns you points that will increase the percentage completed in one your 9 categories.

Each learning opportunity is tagged with the icon from one of the 9 categories, so when you’ve decided to work more on a particular type of skill you can easily see which lessons, events, and practice sessions will help you build your proficiency in that category.

For instance, AI practice opportunities in Central Park are tagged with the open book icon of the Giving Facts category.

Reach a 100% in a category at your level, and you’ll receive a colorful stamp to commemorate your progress!


If you aren’t sure what level lessons are best suited to your needs, you can now take the self-assessment, accessible by clicking the “You” button. 

You’ll be taken to a form that will guide you through a quick series of questions about the type of communication tasks you are currently able to accomplish with the language. At the end, a level will be recommended for you.

You can take this assessment again at any time. And when you’ve accumulated 80% of the Learning Journey points possible for your current fluency level, you’ll automatically be reminded to take it again. 

Additional AI-Powered Practice Scenes

The AI-powered practice scenes introduced in August 2023 have turned out to be a hugely popular feature, so we’ve added even more!

AI-powered avatars await you in 5 new practice scenes:

  • Central Park
  • Doctor’s office
  • Garage
  • Networking Event
  • Resort

The avatars themselves also have more fleshed out backstories to their characters now.

As always, you can choose the topic of conversation and the fluency level that the avatar interacts in, and you’ll be able to both hear and read what the avatars say.

Visit the new scenes by yourself, join a public instance, or explore with a friend!

What’s Improved

Level and Language Settings

The “You” button in your Homeroom will now let you easily and quickly change your fluency level and, if you’re learning more than one language with Immerse, your current language setting.

Access to Pre-Lesson Materials

Now when you browse the “Learn” menu from your Homeroom, you can preview each lesson’s pre-lesson material on your portal door. This helps you choose the perfect lesson and makes it easy to prepare before the lesson begins. 

You can also use the text translation tool to transfer words and sentences to your notes! Just point and select any text to get a translation and example sentences and to save to My Notes.

These pre-lesson materials will also be available in the new tab you’ll see on a lesson detail page in the WebApp.

Tutorial Navigation

The “Tutorial” button now takes you to a menu. Instead of a single tutorial that covers everything you do in Immerse, you can now select individual Tutorials each focused on a single skill.

There’s even a Tutorial just for the Learning Journey. Check it out to prepare for the journey ahead!

And More!

Our October 10 Update support page has details on all the ways the Immerse team has worked to make your VR language learning experience smoother and more enjoyable, from organizing your class notes to automatically checking for microphone activity.

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