Last Updated: November 6, 2023

Immerse insights: 

Language learning that's relevant to your real life

At Immerse, our goal is to help you gain language skills that are relevant to you and your personal goals.

This means teaching you the specific language that you need instead of following a rigid, pre-determined learning schedule that has nothing to do with your life.

This is why Immerse uses a teaching approach known as Emergent Language Teaching (ELT).

What exactly is ELT? Glad you asked! ;)

Defining Emergent Language Teaching

In essence, ELT is when a teacher notices the words and phrases that come up – or emerge – from you when you are communicating and then uses that language in real-time to teach you.  

Think of it this way:

In a traditional language class, you might do an activity where a teacher gives you a list of new vocabulary and then you practice it with a fill-in-the-blank activity.

But the teacher made that vocabulary list before you even got there.

What if it’s not relevant to you? What if your teacher is showing you how to talk about playing sports, but you hate sports and would rather talk about how you like to paint?

The ELT approach means our teachers adapt to your needs in the moment and make sure you are learning the vocabulary and language structures that are most useful to you.

That way, you can immediately put your new language skills to practice in real life.  

A banner that says Immerse: Start your free 14-day trial today and shows a thumbs up in front of a shelf filled with books, flags, a globe, and a Quest 3 VR headset

In an Immerse VR language class or conversation event, everything is centered around you learning to communicate independently. Your teacher will give you plenty of guidance and feedback in expressing what you actually want and need to say so you can express your own thoughts and ideas in Spanish, English, or French.

This means you never have to be afraid of mistakes.

In fact, your Immerse teacher doesn’t even see them as mistakes but as “teachable moments” - perfect opportunities to teach you to express exactly what you want to say and help you become a more fluent speaker.

And hey, that’s the ultimate goal, right?

All Immerse teachers are highly trained in ELT.

Every one we hire is an experienced language teacher, who we then we train to use ELT in the Immerse language program and continually supervise their teaching to ensure you receive the best language instruction possible.

This means in every class and event you’ll be interacting live with a highly skilled instructor who knows how to guide you toward real-life fluency.

How you can learn to speak Spanish,English, and French fluently with ELT

Here are some tips:

  1. When speaking in Immerse, try to say what you actually want to say, even when you’re not quite sure how.
  2. Your teachers will figure out how to help you fill in the gaps so you can express yourself! Don’t avoid expressing your true thoughts and say something else just because it's easier and you know the vocabulary.  Let the teachers show you how to say things in Spanish, English, or French that you really want to say!
  3. Be proactive about asking your teachers for vocabulary and language structures that you need. They are excited to be able to tell you about the language, and asking direct questions helps them teach you what you want and need to know.
  4. Take photos of the language that comes up during class using your camera so you can study it afterward!  
  5. Make sure to practice the new language you have learned in class by taking other Immerse classes and events on similar topics, visiting the AI practice avatars, and using the language out in the real world. This will help you remember it in the long run.

Well, what are you waiting for?!

If you’ve been looking for an easier way to learn Spanish, English, or French, jump into an Immerse VR language class or event on your Quest headset or your desktop computer and start speaking what you know so you can take advantage of the ELT approach. See you in VR! ! 

Want to learn more on youtube?

Check out this video from Misty, Head of Education at Immerse: