Immerse insights:

  • Whether you need a gift for a person who is obsessing over a particular language or someone who loves languages in general, you can find a gift that supports their passion.
  • Thanks to the internet, it’s not too late to get an excellent gift for your language lover even if you’ve put it off to the very last minute.
  • Give the gift of language with something to read, something to listen to, or a new way to learn and practice.
A young woman leaning on a book and daydreaming

Gift shopping for a polyglot or linguistics enthusiast can be a challenge, especially if you don’t share their knowledge of languages. The secret is to look for something that will help satisfy the innate curiosity that drives their passion to begin with.

Here are five gift ideas that should delight your language lover, and all can be purchased at the last minute.

Babel Magazine

Cover of Babel The Language Magazine

For a language generalist who loves all things linguistics, Babel Magazine is a treasure. The articles cover the latest, most fascinating topics in linguistics research, written in a way that doesn’t require an advanced degree to understand. 

Published quarterly, Babel Magazine is available in print and digital formats. The sampler issue and first issue of the magazine are free online, so your language lover can start reading right away even if you opt for the print version.

Indo-European Cognate Dictionary 

Cover of the Indo-European Cognate Dictionary

If your language lover is fascinated by historical or comparative linguistics, or if they just love knowing how to say the same word in dozens of languages, the Indo-European Cognate Dictionary is sure to please.

The dictionary is available as an ebook, but if you think your gift recipient would prefer leafing through the print edition, go ahead and order it. Meanwhile, they can enjoy an extensive digital preview while they wait for their hard copy to arrive.

Wall Maps 

Topographical map of Italy

A language is much more than a set of words strung together with grammar. Language enthusiasts and polyglots love learning the history, culture, and geography of the people who use the language every day. A large, well-made wall map can keep your language lover inspired and give their learning context.

Websites like sell historical, physical, and political wall maps from every country in the world, and most are available for next day delivery. 


Abstract art with the words Pure French and the apple music logo

While English-language music is popular around the world, people from every country and culture have songs in their own languages. Listening to music not only provides a window into the cultures associated with a language, it’s also a great way for your language lover to get some listening practice while they work out, clean up, or just stay in and relax. 

Many music streaming services have channels or playlists dedicated to music from specific languages or places. Apple Music, for instance, offers a Pure French selection featuring French pop artists. Consider gifting your language learner a subscription to a streaming service.


Immerse members learning new languages together while playing fun, interactive games

It’s easy to find apps and other resources for studying foreign languages, but the focus is mostly on vocabulary and grammar. Opportunities for authentic speaking practice are harder to come by. If your language lover is aiming for fluency, they need an app that lets them practice speaking.

A live language app like Immerse that can provide contextualized conversation practice with real people and AI can make a world of difference in a language learner’s confidence and speaking skills. An Immerse gift card is your language lover’s ticket into a welcoming language learning community, live language classes and social events, AI conversation practice, and more.

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