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Immerse is backed by rigorous research. Since 2019, we have been partnering with universities around the world to advance our understanding of VR, AI and language learning and to evaluate the efficacy of our platform. We have partnered with researchers from 29 universities to conduct 22 external studies. We also have 14 research studies that are currently in progress.

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Nuestros socios de investigación

Nuestros socios globales impulsan la investigación en el aprendizaje inmersivo de idiomas

Our Global Research Partners

Our global partners advancing research in immersive language learning

Research Highlights

Immerse is committed to highlighting the research being conducted by our university partners. Below are some of their most recent findings.


improvement in english scores

Kyung Hee University found that Korean elementary school kids more than doubled their English scores in Immerse.


FASTER THAN traditional methods

Aoyama Gaukin University found that Japanese learners' English speaking skills increased 9x faster in Immerse when compared to traditional classroom learning.


LESS anxiety and Improved speaking

Chuo University found that  98.8% of students reported lower foreign language anxiety and improved speaking skills after just two hours of learning in Immerse.

Published Research

Immerse is committed to understanding how VR can improve language learning. Below, you can find a collection of the latest research carried out by our University Research Partners.

Become an Immerse Research Partner

We welcome applications from educational institutions and individuals who would like to conduct research studies on VR and language learning.

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Currently, we are interested in partnering with researchers who would like to conduct studies in the following areas:

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Learning outcomes in Immerse compared to other learning contexts (control/experimental studies only)

Hexagon 2

Learning outcomes in Immerse’s desktop vs. VR application (control / experimental studies only)

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How Immerse's AI-Powered Avatars impact learning

Conozca al equipo educativo

Conozca a las mentes que lideran nuestras iniciativas de investigación internas

Tricia Thrasher

Research Manager

Misty Wilson

Head of Education and Customer Support

Christina Cavage

Curriculum and Assessment Manager

presentaciones de simposios de investigación

Resultados de la investigación

Una instantánea de la investigación en curso que cada uno de nuestros socios está llevando a cabo

unas palabras de nuestros socios


Conozca el impacto positivo de nuestra investigación

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Apoyo brindado a nuestros socios de investigación

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Comentarios y orientación a la hora de elegir las metodologías de investigación para su proyecto.

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Acceso gratuito a la plataforma Immerse durante la duración del proyecto de investigación.

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Materiales de formación para profesores y alumnos (guías en PDF, vídeos, etc.) que muestran cómo utilizar la aplicación.

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Sugerencias sobre dónde solicitar financiación para la investigación y con quién contactar en su universidad para obtener apoyo. (Lamentablemente, no podemos proporcionar hardware de realidad virtual ni financiar investigaciones).

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