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After 7 years, we've become the favorite tool for serious language learners


Staff Sergeant for the Special Forces

"Immersion is the key to learning a language. You can sit there and memorize textbooks all day and memorize a thing or two, but Immerse gave me the confidence to speak it."


Immerse Guides are friendly and upbeat

"The thing I love most about Immerse is the learn how to stay focused and speak while interactions are happening around you."


I'm finally using the language

"It really is an immersive language learning experience which is so effective."


This is going to change everything

"It really feels like you're talking with people's crazy really."


It's helpful if you're shy

"You're in another world (with an avatar) so you don't feel like people are staring at you (when you practice speaking)."


One of the best apps I've used so far

"It got me speaking French everyday which has really improved."


I love the classes

"You can take classes all throughout the day based on different topics."


Immerse is best with Quest VR

"Everything you can touch (in the virtual world) you can interact with and use to learn a new language."


I used to be shy and nervous

"I can take unlimited classes in Immerse. I can practice English everyday as much as I want."


Esta aplicacion me ha ayudado mucho!

"La experiencia virtual es realmente útil para aprender un nuevo idioma con immerse, los profesores son de gran ayuda para aprender a socializar, estar en las clases me ha ayudado a hablar más con mas gente y a no sentirme tan inseguro al socializar. Recomiendo esta aplicación a todas las personas que están dispuestas a aprender un nuevo idioma con un nuevo tipo de aprendizaje, hablar con personas reales en tiempo real y experimentar con el mundo Meta mientras aprenden. Interactuar con IA y personas reales me ha ayudado a aumentar mi conocimiento en este nuevo y asombroso lenguage."


Best App for Language Learning

"I came across this app on the meta quest app store, and its been overwhelmingly the best thing for my language journey. This App is far and above the rest, and ive tried a ton of them. Ive been learning French here in the US, a big problem i had was that i couldnt get enough exposure. this app changed that immediately. I enjoy the classes and open forum connect rooms. but the Al conversations are super helpful because i can take my time is responding and do as many reps as i need. i wouldnt hesitate to recommend this for anyone beginners to advanced."


Quick learning without much effort

"I'm using Immerse for learning french for about ~3 months and I can tell that this app really works and I'm able to have not too complex conversations in french. I've also used Duolingo for learning, but with Immerse learning goes way quicker but require slightly more effort. I also like the idea that I can jump in any moment when lessons available and they dont last too long (40 mins)."

Unlimited live classes & AI conversation practice

Get fluent without breaking the bank

Traditional tutoring


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unlimited classes & Ai practice



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  • 400% more effective


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400% more effective

Our research shows learning in Immerse leads to better performance, longer retention, lower speaking anxiety, increased emotional engagement, higher motivation, and guaranteed fluency growth after every session.

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Practice with real people

Not only do we teach you how to speak a new language, we also teach you how to use the language with real people in a meaningful way.

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Flexible and practical

Whether you have 15 minutes or 3 hours to practice, you will build communication skills that transfer to the real world.

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