How does Immerse stack up against ImmerseMe?

Immerse insights:

  • Linguistics researchers from Oakwood University compared two VR language learning apps, Immerse and ImmerseMe, to determine how each app aligns with theories of second language learning. 
  • The researchers concluded that “Immerse has more pedagogical potential than ImmerseMe.” 
  • Immerse stands out among other VR language learning applications on the market for its live classes and social experiences. 

With so many VR language learning apps on the market, how do you know which one is best for you? Are some more grounded in the science of language learning and teaching than others? 

A seated man using a Quest 2 headset and controllers

Two linguistics researchers from Oakwood University took it upon themselves to ask these questions and directly compare two popular VR apps: Immerse and ImmerseMe

What did the researchers do?

Researchers from Oakwood University wanted to assess how well Immerse and ImmerseMe align with second language learning theories. They developed a rubric to evaluate how well each app aligns with 5 key principles of second language pedagogy

  • focus on meaning
  • comprehensible input
  • focus on form
  • interaction
  • motivation

The researchers took two Spanish lessons on Immerse and two on ImmerseMe. Then, they used their rubric to evaluate each lesson and determine the extent to which each of the 5 key principles was present on either platform. 

What did the researchers find?

After analyzing their data, the researchers concluded Immerse has more pedagogical potential than ImmerseMe.

The researchers noted specifically that Immerse excels at language teaching because:

  • Students receive real-time, live feedback from teachers during lessons.
  • Lessons include explicit instruction of form and conscious noticing techniques. For example, different colors and fonts are used to help students notice grammar patterns.
  • Lessons provide students with the opportunity to negotiate and collaborate with others in the language they are learning. 
  • Lessons are scaffolded to help students achieve specific learning outcomes. 
  • Certain features in Immerse, such as The Commons and Connect Sessions, help learners build a language learning community. 
A group of avatars standing on an outdoor staircase in the Immerse VR app
 Learners are part of a language community in Immerse

The researchers also go on to explain that both platforms have strengths and are helpful for learning a language. However, they note that Immerse goes a step further than ImmerseMe by offering students live lessons and social experiences

They presented their findings at the 2023 WorldCALL Conference in Chang Mai, Thailand:

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Research source:

Lesnov, R., & Wolhein-Nava, S. (2023). Immerse vs ImmerseMe: Who wins? Exploring the pedagogical potential of the VR-based language learning apps. Paper Presentation at the WORLDCALL Conference 2023 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.