Last Updated: December 5, 2023

Immerse insights:

  • If you want to be able to actually speak in a new language, you need to practice using it for real communication.
  • Talking to other learners not only gives you practice, it also gets you thinking about the language itself - and that leads to deeper learning. 
  • Immerse makes it fun and easy to improve your skills with other learners (and make new friends) outside of classes by hanging out at Connect events, role-playing together with our AI-powered avatars, or chatting in Discord!

Still struggling to learn a language even after hours of study with a language app? That’s no surprise.

One of the key ingredients of successful language learning is authentic communication.

Your brain is set up to use language to interact with others. When you practice communicating with real people in the language you’re learning, you tap into the neural language networks that are already wired in your brain.

Why is conversation practice with other Members such an effective way to improve my language skills?

Interacting with fellow language learners will help you learn faster and better. A big part of this is the practice you get speaking and trying to understand others, but there are other benefits too.

When you communicate with peers in your target language, you don’t just get practice - you’ll spend time talking about vocabulary, grammar, and culture too.

These conversations will deepen your understanding of the language. In fact, there’s evidence that giving feedback to your peers is even more beneficial than receiving it!

Two women at a cafe smiling with their waitress

How does Immerse support learner interaction on its platform?

We understand the value of communicating with your fellow language learners, and we make it easy for you to reap those benefits.

The entire Immerse VR language learning platform was designed with interaction in mind.

Here are three ways you can tap into the power of social interaction in Immerse:

1. Jump into an Immerse Event

Time really flies in Immerse lessons, and you may find yourself hungering for more after class.

Join an Event, where an Immerse teacher will facilitate conversations and activities with Members from all levels. Each Event is centered around a topic, but it's all very casual. The realistic settings and fun topics create a special opportunity for you to engage in authentic, spontaneous interactions with others.

This is an incredible opportunity to chat with your fellow language learners with as much help as you need from the teacher.

A group of Immerse avatars picnicking at a table in a virtual park scene

2. Visit the AI-powered Practice scenes with a friend

You can visit our AI-powered Practice scenes alone, but why not invite a friend? 

You have total control. You can choose the scene you visit, and each one has AI-powered avatars that will converse with you at any of our four language levels. 

If you still feel a little nervous about speaking, talk to an avatar at a lower level. Looking for a challenge? Pick an avatar at a higher level. Or of course, you can just practice with the avatar set to your current level.

These avatars are not following pre-written scripts. Thanks to AI, they are responding directly to whatever you and your friend say, so you can take the conversation any direction you want to.  And you’ll have a totally new conversation every time!

The Practice scenes are always open, so visit them anytime, with or without a friend.

3. Join our Discord server

The Immerse Discord server is a very active community of language lovers sharing memes and tips, answering one another’s questions, and planning to meet up and practice. All Immerse Members are welcome regardless of language ability. 

Even the teachers join in! 

Plus, the Happening-Today and Meet-Up channels are a great place to see what’s going on today in Immerse or find someone to meet up with for language practice!

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