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English Learner

"Immerse is helping build my confidence in expressing myself. Even if my grammar is not 100% the teachers are very supportive and offer corrections or different ways to express myself."


French Learner

"These are real lessons with real human instructors. The majority of the spoken language in these lessons is the language you’re trying to learn, which helps MASSIVELY with comprehension. The instructors are patient and flexible and always willing to clarify why something you said was interesting or incorrect. I love it."


Spanish Learner

"I’ve been using Duolingo for learning Spanish for over 2 years, but it wasn’t until I started using Immerse that I felt confident enough to start speaking. The classes are well organized and I love all the instructors!"

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Enjoy connecting and practicing speaking with new friends from around the world

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Whether you have 15 minutes or 3 hours, you will build communication skills that transfer to the real world

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400% more effective

Our research shows learning in Immerse leads to lower speaking anxiety, higher motivation, increased emotional engagement, longer retention, and better performance in real life situations

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