Apply to become an Immerse Research Partner

Immerse is interested in partnering with researchers who would like to conduct empirical research evaluating how our platform can benefit language learning.

Please fill out the application below if you are interested in becoming a Research Partner. We will review your application within one week and let you know if your research is a good fit for Immerse.

Please note that we are currently prioritizing quantitative research on topics such as:
1. The efficacy of Immerse’s self-study tools (e.g., the object scanner, the review corner, asynchronous spaces)
2. Learning outcomes/gains in Immerse compared to other learning contexts (control/experimental studies only)
3. Learning outcomes/gains in Immerse’s desktop vs. VR application (control / experimental studies only)

**We are no longer accepting new partnerships for projects that focus solely on student and teacher opinions or feedback. 

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