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Amazing !!!!!

"This app has given me a lot of confidence and created a seamless connection between the real and virtual worlds. Meeting friends worldwide and appreciating the structured lessons, teachers, and developers."


I spoke Spanish IRL!

"I was at a hotel in Southern California last week, and my room needed toilet paper. I found one of the housekeepers in the hall and was able to successfully greet her, ask for the toilet paper, and thank her for it all in Spanish. I felt so accomplished!"


My Spanish is getting much better!

"The instructors are great. Very respectful of their students. Very patient and helpful with new students. The interaction with fellow students is very fun and helpful in learning new things. The app is easy to use once to catch on. It's enjoyable and fun."

Meta Lauren

Immerse: Meta's Innovative Langua

Immerse, Meta’s chosen virtual app, revolutionizes language learning by offering realistic scenarios for effective practice. Through immersive experiences, users learn languages naturally and receive personalized learning paths, enhancing proficiency in diverse languages.


My HONEST review of Immerse

"What I love most about Immerse is you teleport to a more realistic virtual environment vs a traditional classroom"


¡Viva Immerse!

"Immerse is tried and true an incredible VR app! I initially learned some Spanish on my own as a teenager and then at college as part of my major back in 2016. Sadly I never had many chances to practice and use the language and eventually lost most of my vocabulary. 3 weeks ago I joined Immerse and now I'm able to have fluid conversations again with native Spanish speakers, including my Cuban fiancee's abuela and her primos who do not speak much English or any at all. The unlimited program is well worth it for those who have the time. ¡Gracias Immerse por acercarme a mi nueva familia!"


I Tried Duolingo

"Duolingo is helpful for learning vocabulary on the go, but Immerse has become a place where I can meet people, practice speaking, and grow with a community."


Quick learning without much effort

"I'm using Immerse for learning french for about ~3 months and I can tell that this app really works and I'm able to have not too complex conversations in french. I've also used Duolingo for learning, but with Immerse learning goes way quicker but require slightly more effort. I also like the idea that I can jump in any moment when lessons available and they dont last too long (40 mins)."


I spent 24 hours in VR learning Spanish

"The physicality of the virtual world changes everything. It engages all my senses. I'll never forget the moments I shared with my classmates and teachers in VR."


This is going to change everything

"It really feels like you're talking with people's crazy really."


Greatest Language Platform EVER!

"This app is beyond immersive, it's what language learning should be. It's fun, and engaging! The instructors are very knowledgeable and the Al engineering in the practice environments are ahead of it's time. Love every time I get into it!! Spanish is so fun to learn here!"


Fantastic Language Learning Community

"I have been using immerse for 5-6 months to learn French and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Though I started when the French program was brand new and the community just beginning, it's been a stellar experience from the get-go. I have been learning French independently for 6-7 years and it wasn't until Immerse that my fluency started to really take off. I started off trying (and often failing) to string together the haphazard vocabulary I knew into comprehensive sentences. It was rough. But the guides were super gracious and adjusted every class to my personal fluency level. The biggest win is that they would review with me my small mistakes or the mispronunciations and coach me on how to improve. Also because they are all so highly trained, they could answer even my complex grammatical questions. Not only do they show me the right way to say something, but they are able to explain why. Plus they are all super friendly and fun."


Great Learning Software

The subscription price seems expensive for a VR game, but compared to what it costs to take a Spanish course at your local college it is actually really reasonable. It also helps that the teachers are real people who know their stuff, and are great at what they do. I have the benefit of going to class, and speaking with other students and a teacher without having to leave my house. Awesome.


Official Jennifer (1M+ followers) Review


I can express myself wit greater confidence

"Immerse is helping build my confidence in expressing myself. Even if my grammar is not 100% the teachers are very supportive and offer corrections or different ways to express myself."


I'm getting the hang of this

"Something I love about immerse is that a concept can feel foreign and confusing one day, but we’re getting so many new tools every class so that when I go back and try that thing that was hard again, it makes more sense with everything new I learned. It’s amazing how fast I feel like we’re making progress. So much thanks to our instructors 🙌🏼"


Staff Sergeant for the Special Forces

"Immersion is the key to learning a language. You can sit there and memorize textbooks all day and memorize a thing or two, but Immerse gave me the confidence to speak it."


Immerse is my happy place

"I'm having a fantastic experience here in Immerse. The strongest need I had was to practice spoken English regularly. Here in Immerse, I manage to practice every day, with the additional benefit of meeting many interesting people from around the world. Some of them are becoming friends over time. The teachers are very helpful and welcoming individuals. It's an engaging, peaceful, and fun learning environment, extremely convenient to use. I've been enrolled here in Immerse for a few months now, and it has become a happy daily routine: definitely worth trying!"


Lo mejor que he probado en mi VIDA

"Llevo 5 años aprendiendo inglés cómo autodidacta, he pasado en todo este tiempo por un sin fin de aplicación y de repente llega esta y cambia mi forma de ver cómo es aprender e interactuar en inglés, la amé desde el primer día. Me gusta mucho las salas se chat y ocio, es tan divertido encontrar personas de todo el mundo que quieres al igual que yo aprender inglés, hablar con ellos conocer su cultura y todo esto mientras practico y mejoro mi dominio del idioma, esto es realmente lo que amo de esta aplicación. Si pudiera devolver el tiempo iniciaría mi aprendizaje de inglés desde cero aquí, ya no lo puedo hacer, pero lo que si puedo hacer es pulirlo y compartir con otros mi experiencia."


Language Learning Excellence

"The platform prioritizes fluency, gamification, and personalized experience with instructors who make learning enjoyable and effective."


I'm finally using the language

"It really is an immersive language learning experience which is so effective."


I can finally express myself

"Using Immerse for only a few days is helping me build my confidence in expressing myself. Even if my grammar is not 100% the teachers are very supportive and offer corrections or different ways to express yourself."


Bye Duolingo

"I've been using duolingo and YouTube for Spanish learning until I discovered immerse. This is by far the best platform that I used so far and I recommended it to several of my friends."


This is the FUTURE of learning!

"I love Immerse! I've been an active user for many many months now and would not be able to learn Spanish at this speed without it. There is a true opportunity to practice conversational Spanish with other learners of many levels. It's the next best thing to being in another country in terms of immersion. The entire team of instructors are incredible. It really is an amazing community."


This is really great for me.

"I became a paid member today. I tried the free lessons and loved them! I am learning so much so quickly. I hope the member base continues to grow and thrive."


Immersion is key.

"I've been studying French since March 2022. My progress has been great but has been exponential since using Immerse. I don't have many people around me who speak French so having a class with a teacher and other students to converse with has been incredible. I spent about two hours in a virtual bar with someone conversing in French. Amazing application!"


Communicating with my Uber driver

"I went to a big convention with my friends this week and that evening we grabbed an Uber back to our cars together. The older man driving knew only enough English to tell us that he doesn’t know how to speak it, and to kind of tell us in a broken way to be easy with closing the doors before we got in. For the first part of the ride we talked amongst ourselves about the day but I’m someone who chatters, probably annoyingly, with any person providing me a service (the Vietnamese lady who owns the nail salon I go to was a stern nut to crack but now she gives me hugs and asks to take selfies together when I come in so sometimes it pays off 🤷🏻‍♀️😂) and I felt weird leaving him out. I was debating my shyness of using my Spanish to make conversation with him and potentially looking dumb in front of my friends if I didn’t get it right but I ended up giving it a shot. I started with something simple, asking where he was from. He was very enthusiastic in replying “Venezuela” and I felt better knowing he was open to conversation. Pretty soon I was translating back and forth for him and my friends and we spent that time laughing and making jokes, and learning about him and the circumstances that brought his family here. Before we left, we taught him how to tell people to be gentle with the doors in English and were clapping and cheering him on while he enthusiastically sounded it out and was clearly excited to be saying it right lol. He told us through talking into his translator as we got out that it meant so much to him that we made the effort to talk to him and we were the best part of his night— me and my friends were like 🥹🥹🥹🥲 I know this app feels like a little game where I go to learn and see friends for fun, but it was special to see how it made the world a little smaller at least for our car that night."


After two classes I'm making progress

"I wanted to give a shoutout to Bridget. I've been wanting to dive deeper into some subjunctive words and phrases. Today i took two classes with Bridget. After my classes, I have a much clearer path on how subjunctive fits into the language and when it needs to be used."

VR with Jasmine

VR just killed traditional language learning

"From interactive activities to personalized feedback, Immerse Online took my language skills to new heights and is revolutionizing the language learning scene."


Convenient and effective!

"I love Immerse! It is so convenient to learn a new language this way from home. I don't need to get dressed up, commute anywhere, or pay all the expenses associated with that. In addition, the guides are really helpful and patient. I feel like I'm learning Spanish very quickly and very well. Even if you're already studying in an in-person class, I think you would benefit from using Immerse."


Best decision ever.

"Joining Immerse was the best language learning decision I've ever made. I gained basic fluency in Spanish because of my time here and now I'm learning French. I will continue learning new languages as long as they keep adding them too!"

Josh M

Language Level Up!

I’ve been speaking Spanish off and on for more than twenty years, and have been learning French in Duolingo daily for the past two years. Just when I think I’ve got the fundamentals down, in swoops Immerse to disabuse me of any notion of proficiency 😅 These are real lessons with real human instructors. The majority of the spoken language in these lessons is the language you’re trying to learn, which helps MASSIVELY with comprehension. The instructors are patient and flexible and always willing to clarify why something you said was interesting or incorrect. I’m three lessons into this program and I love it. Looking forward to connecting at one of the less formal chat events soon, but the classes are intimate and worth the price of admission alone!


Thank you Immerse!

"I don't know about anyone else, but sometimes when I'm in a class where I feel totally over my head, I have an instinct to just close out, run away, bury my head in shame, and admonish myself for trying to push myself/slowing down the class/not being good enough for my class mates - and by the end of the class I'm left feeling super proud of myself for sticking it out, awkward pauses and "ummmm's" and all. lol I have to keep reminding myself that this is a place to LEARN, and that mistakes are okay, and I just super appreciate the way all the guide's are so kind and understanding of that. I'm so happy. GRACIASSSS IMMERSE!"


It's nice and fun

Since I bought my VR headset and heard about immerse, I've enjoyed it a lot in every class or group meeting, it's a very fun way to learn a second language, learning and playing.


Best App for Language Learning

"I came across this app on the meta quest app store, and its been overwhelmingly the best thing for my language journey. This App is far and above the rest, and ive tried a ton of them. Ive been learning French here in the US, a big problem i had was that i couldnt get enough exposure. this app changed that immediately. I enjoy the classes and open forum connect rooms. but the Al conversations are super helpful because i can take my time is responding and do as many reps as i need. i wouldnt hesitate to recommend this for anyone beginners to advanced."


Duolingo taught me to read, Immerse is teaching me how to speak!

"I have been using Duolingo for a long while now and have found it helpful in some areas but flawed in others. Duolingo is great for learning new vocabulary and getting to grips with pronunciation and grammar but does very little to aid with speaking the language or understanding it when spoken (which is what anyone wanting to learn a language wants to do). After using Duolingo for over a year I discovered that I could read Spanish reasonably well and could write it pretty well but when it came to having a conversation it was as if I had not learnt Spanish at all which was hugely frustrating and demoralizing. It wasn't until I started doing a regular language exchange conversation with someone in Spain that I started to be able to speak the language at a basic level. In hindsight I wish I had jumped straight into conversation from the start. After many years I can hold a conversation but still find it very hard to understand Spanish spoken at a normal speed (very quick). Immerse is helping me bridge the conversation gap."

Pamela B

Best Way To Practice!

I’ve been using immerse for about six months now and it’s far and away the best app for learning a language. There’s so much difference between being able to read the language and being able to converse in a language! I’ve been able to practice my Spanish with people from all over the world in real life situations.

Full Dive Gaming

Full Dive Gaming Review

"Immerse is a unique way to IMMERSE yourself into a foreign language and learn it as if you actually moved to a new country and are fully immersed in the language."


It's helpful if you're shy

"You're in another world (with an avatar) so you don't feel like people are staring at you (when you practice speaking)."


Love this app!

I’ve been using Duolingo for learning Spanish for over 2 years, but it wasn’t until I started using Immerse that I felt confident enough to start speaking. The classes are well organized and I’ve learned so much! The Immerse team is also very responsive to suggestions and feedback.


I spoke French in real life!

"This afternoon at a local market, I got to speak French to a young couple who run a local boulangerie. The husband is from France and the wife is local. They were so friendly and we chatted and I did our whole exchange in French. They complimented my French (which was really just them being nice) but I definitely noticed confidence in starting a conversation that I wouldn't have had before Immerse! It was very exciting!"


Immerse is best with Quest VR

"Everything you can touch (in the virtual world) you can interact with and use to learn a new language."


One of the best apps I've used so far

"It got me speaking French everyday which has really improved."


I love the classes

"You can take classes all throughout the day based on different topics."


Esta aplicacion me ha ayudado mucho!

"La experiencia virtual es realmente útil para aprender un nuevo idioma con immerse, los profesores son de gran ayuda para aprender a socializar, estar en las clases me ha ayudado a hablar más con mas gente y a no sentirme tan inseguro al socializar. Recomiendo esta aplicación a todas las personas que están dispuestas a aprender un nuevo idioma con un nuevo tipo de aprendizaje, hablar con personas reales en tiempo real y experimentar con el mundo Meta mientras aprenden. Interactuar con IA y personas reales me ha ayudado a aumentar mi conocimiento en este nuevo y asombroso lenguage."


Immerse Guides are friendly and upbeat

"The thing I love most about Immerse is the learn how to stay focused and speak while interactions are happening around you."


Immerse is Really Cool!

The teachers and students make having class really entertaining, learning feels like an adventure in another dimension. It's so much fun that sometimes I forget I'm studying. Really helps to improve my conversations and my pronunciation in English!

Dale H

Love this program!

I really love this program a lot. And has so many rooms to go into and study on your own. I also love that classes presented by real teachers. There is always a new subject to cover and interacting with other students is wonderful. It gives me a chance to practice speaking and listening. Will definitely continue on.

Richard W

Amazing learning app!

I've loved using the Immerse app for learning Spanish. It has really helped my confidence in speaking. The guides (teachers) are all really friendly and helpful. The virtual environments are great for role-play and enhance the learning experience. This is the future of language learning. The community is really helpful and friendly and you can make connections with other learners all over the world!


I used to be shy and nervous

"I can take unlimited classes in Immerse. I can practice English everyday as much as I want."


"What sets Immerse apart is its comprehensive approach to language learning. The platform goes beyond traditional classroom setups by offering conversation groups, 24/7 support from artificial intelligence avatars in the absence of real teachers, and a unique game room where users can connect with others for practice. One of the most remarkable features is the availability of classes throughout the day, seven days a week. This flexibility allows enthusiasts to fully immerse themselves in language learning at any time, making it a standout choice for those dedicated to improving their language skills. Immerse's affordability is another noteworthy aspect, providing a genuine immersive school experience at a fraction of the cost. Whether using a virtual reality headset or a computer, the choice is yours. I wholeheartedly give Immerse a 5-star rating and hope to see the addition of more languages in the future. It truly feels like stepping into a real immersive school right from the comfort of your home."


Now I have friends in Korea!

"I took a VR English conversation lesson at immerse and it was fun! It was good to talk in English while actually cooking in the kitchen! And since it was VR compatible, I could feel more realistic. It was interesting to see not only Japanese but also people from Korea and many other countries."