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1 Class only

$23.99 /month


4 Classes

per month

$43.99 /month


8 Classes

per month

$99.99 /month


Unlimited Classes

per month

all tiers include

unlimited access to:
  • access to live hosts

    whom you can freely chat with in the Commons every day

  • conversation practice

    with other Members learning the same language as you

  • customizable avatar

    that allows you to confidently express yourself in class

  • your HOME ROOM

    where you can review notes and customize your avatar

  • our Discord Channel

    to share stories, ask questions, and coordinate meetups with Members

  • events

    where you can experience cultural immersion

  • personal backpack

    with your own 3D pen, camera, vocabulary scanner, and more

  • over 30+ destinations

    for you to explore with other Members

  • good memories

    while laughing and learning with your Member community

Frequently Asked Questions

How has the curriculum been developed with the adult learner in mind?

The non-sequential nature of our curriculum is particularly attractive to adult learners. Adults are autonomous learners pursuing knowledge based on their needs and curiosity. Adult learners value having a choice in their learning and prefer to take control over the language being learned to best meet their personal goals and motivations. With autonomy comes agency. Self-directed learning, as offered by Immerse, is not only motivating for adult learners but allows them to self-select lessons that are most relevant and meaningful for them to achieve their personal linguistic goals at their rate and pace.

Why are lessons at Immerse not sequential?

Lessons within each level move from foundational skills or structures to more complex skills or structures; however, the language which is used to develop the intended skill remains at that given level. Even though a lesson might focus on a more complex structure the language a Member is exposed to in that lesson is scaffolded for their level. This means that the lessons are accessible to anyone in that level, even if they me be more challenging. Because of this, Members can move through lessons in a non-sequential manner within a particular level in order to accomplish their intended goals with the language.

What role does culture play in Immerse’s platform?

Language is closely tied to culture. Our expert Guides provide insights and prep materials that weave culture into lessons. Plus, since Guides are real people they share their own personal intercultural experiences with the language.

How are Immerse lessons structured?

The curriculum is divided by levels-Foundations, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level correlates to both the CEFR scale and the General Scale of English (GSE). Within each level, learners are exposed to a wide variety of functions, which allow them to complete communicative tasks. Functions include making requests, describing, apologizing, negotiating and more. It is the communicative task that drives learning. Between levels, the skills and structures are spiraled, meaning that Ls will encounter the same functions in various levels, but it will build in complexity.

Do you have age requirements?

Yes, for the sake of protecting minors in our virtual world Immerse Members must be 18 years or older.

Do credits roll over month over month?

No. Members must use all of their class credits by the end of their monthly billing cycle.

Are classes taught by live instructors?

Yes! All of our classes are facilitated by expert language instructors (we call them Guides). Each Guide has been thoroughly vetted, trained in VR learning facilitation best practices, and has extensive experience in foreign language education.

Is there an Immerse desktop app for learners?

Yes! All classes can be taken on PC or Mac desktop computers using a Google Chrome browser. Book a class at

How does the freemium membership work?

All Freemium members receive one free class credit which can be used to book and participate in one instructor-led class. After 7 days, the free class credit expires, so be sure to book your free class as soon as possible. Freemium members also have access to The Commons. Upgrade your membership to take more classes each month.

What languages do you offer?

We are proud to offer English, Spanish and French classes that take place in immersive, contextualized, and interactive virtual locations. Every class is designed to help you develop a specific speaking skill which you can use in the real world.